Trust Gelindustry® to develop your ideas, Gel is our life.
Gelindustry® plans, develops, manufactures and applies gel. A company philosophy aimed to well-being research that makes innovative products for a comfortable life.

Airogel® is a polymeric gel soft and durable. It does not need to be covered by any film and can be used in direct contact with skin.

Smartgel® is a 3D deforming and self modelling gel. Comfortable and thermoregulating, soft to touch, solid and fluid at the same time, completely no toxic.

Breath-x® is a new gel technology developed for the sleeping industry. It provides a fresh feel effect and ideal microclima while sleeping thanks to its thermoregulated PCM gel material and its unique breathability.

Hydrogel® the polymeric thermoregulator gel that can be glue-free applied on foam layers. Stable over time Hydrogel® can be perforated to grant ventilation air flow and its high thermal conductivity helps to reduce temperature peaks.

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